Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The most eventful quarter...

... of my life. 99% of the things mentioned below were first-timers. I have mentioned a lot of these earlier as well, but just thought of putting it all together.

  • Badminton games in the evenings
  • A trip to Jamshedpur via Mumbai and Kolkata
  • Festo'Comm - hearing people from the industry talk of a few interesting things
  • Trip to Ajanta and Ellora
  • All-nighters for marketing presentations
  • Drinking and getting drunk for the first time
  • A break-up
  • A friendship fuck-up
  • Elections
  • A lone party
  • Calls to the US
  • Longer calls with Avan
  • Bonding with my roommate, detaching (when needed) in a snap too
  • Adapting to a completely new way of living
  • Visiting the new thing on campus - Shree, the not so cheap dhaba
  • Strengthening the friendship with Swetha
  • Feeling guilt when not guilty; made to feel even more guilty
  • Having some of the most awesome people teach me
  • Obeying rules made by some of the most fucked-in-the-head people too
  • Learning how to, and then wearing a sari every Saturday
  • So desperate for good food at all times that I even ate curry from a plate of chicken once
  • Watch people act on stage after quite a few years
  • Allowing the passion-related discomfort get to me once again
  • Spending lonely moments
  • Watching stars in the sky
  • Feeling the setting sun every evening
  • Spending an entire term without a Sub
  • Being angry enough to pull out a key from the keypad of my laptop
  • Interacting with someone whom I could find inspiring
  • Travelling to Mumbai for an interview which turned out to be my best ever
  • My first flowery dress
  • A sense of loss so strong that I stood howling in a corridor
  • Envious of someone's hair for the first time ever
  • Signing proxies for friends; getting some done for myself too
  • Helplessly watching the line between black and white blur

Did I mention truckloads of academics too?

What makes it even more enriching is the fact that these things weren't stand-alone. There was so much more to each event, each feeling, each hurdle and each experience!


~ ॐ ~ said...

gajab !!!

Subhadip said...

"wearing a sari every Saturday" - Ha ha, really? Sorry for laughing, but it's hard to imagine, you know?
Glad that you did some of the stuff that you did. The not so good stuff... well, c'est la vie!

You know how to tell if a blog post is from a budding professional? When personal lists are also grouped in quarters!

Quarter Dadu said...

Well put... I do so many things and do not remember to put them on black and white or on click and portal. Call it laziness or procastination.

RB said...


Arre... hadd hai!! And I never told you my sari stories? You really got saved. :P

And well, you can't blame me... I am in an investor relations team right now and all companies are releasing their quarterly results. :D

Kausik Babu,
Aap aaye.. achha laga. :)
But did you really have to write "click and portal" here? Seriously?!
Laziness mein to hum sab barabar ke hissedaar hain. :) But this was fun.

Ranjan Atreya said...

killer hai ji killer :)

Avan said...

Thanks to the "longer" calls I think I know what each of the pointers above refer to :) No surprises this time!

Except that you went a whole term without a sub! Are you out of your mind?!! Next term I'm shipping them to you.

RB said...


I'm glad there's someone other than the blog who knows it all. :)

Not out of my mind. Or maybe I was.

swetha said...

im glad to be a part of most of these.....!!! mera naam bhi hai.......(sheepish foolish smile haiji)

RB said...

Hehe... sheepish smile is visualised with 100% acceptance. :)

I'm glad you were part of most of this too. :)