Wednesday, November 28, 2007

:D :D :D

Ok, I am majorly itching to write this post in all caps, but I really want you to read it so I won't do that. I am on top of the world. And that is because I have a supercool boyfriend (yes, I took his permission to write like a 15-year-old).
Do you know what an acrostic is? I did not till a few moments ago. Go dig up the meaning and then read this.
Lockjaw is a disease, but I think I almost got that after reading this. I could not, and still almost cannot believe it. I think I am touched, but right now the disbelief is overpowering. Daily reiteration of feelings in common words suddenly doesn't seem to be enough. I have nothing to say, nothing to write....just have an ear-to-ear grin. This is just insane! :D
I'm so happy!! :-)

P.S. I hope you know what my real name is. :P


Subhadip said...

Nice poem, and great way to express oneself!

Silver Mist said...


RB said...

B. O'Hemian
Haina? :D

Silver Mist

Unknown said...

I really liked the poem.
And of course the thought behind it was Super Nice.

b. said...


RB said...

I liked it too. :-)


That Girl said...

Wow and sigh!

RB said...