Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stretch Marks

I don’t like all the layers of tan on my arms.

I don’t like having people around me for 16 hours a day. But I think it is for my own good.

I don’t like the fact that I have a fucked-up back.

I cannot wake up even 15 minutes earlier than usual for my walk.

I am personalizing my workstation. The latest addition was my college calendar.

I am missing the Patel Chest bhel puri like crazy for the last two days.

I behaved like an 8-year-old when I necessarily needed to act my age.

Some mindsets live forever – I CANNOT see a red mark across any work I do. Especially when I work hard on something and the fault is not my fault.

I haven’t bought flowers for myself in months!

Hutch officially sucks!

My neighbours got suuucchhhh a cute dog. He’s tinyyy and all those words that I use for dogs but that don’t exist in any dictionary.
But they’re moving away this month itself.

I’m thinking maybe lots and lots of people should spam 104.8 FM station’s mail, etc and force them to change the name of their station. MEOW FM???? Radio station dedicated to women?? And then showcase women with whiskers in all hoardings?????

I really hope Pratibha Patil doesn’t become the President. I had no issues with her candidature but the Left had no real reason to highlight except the fact that she is a woman, and now everybody says that it’s ‘much ado about nothing’ if she said that veiling was used to protect Indian women against Muslim invaders. Dude, get your basics right before making speeches in public!

Auntie’s canteen has started stocking Melody. We love her!!

HSBC will claim that ‘you will forget all other banks once you start banking with them’. They’re right. Just that they’re wrong.

I told you that Abhishek Bachchan is losing it. The kind of reviews I am getting for his latest movie, I am not even feeling bad that I won’t get to watch him because I don’t want to spend on a stupid movie.

How can people have the capacity to repeat the same goddamn inconsequential/ non-funny/ spastic thing 10 times a day?!

Thank God for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his music to shut my brain up!

I know I’ve lost (or never got) the art of understanding much of any humour other than sarcasm. Except sad jokes.

I’m already half hour into my 8-hour sleep schedule. And still awake of course.

So, bye-bye!!


R said...

I am curious to find out the agency behind Meow FM. I saw the hoardings a couple of days back and got a shock. Creatives having the guts to propose such branding strategies should die. And the client - well, you guys can meow at the sucky campaign.

Unknown said...

"How can people have the capacity to repeat the same goddamn inconsequential/ non-funny/ spastic thing 10 times a day?!"
The truest and most identifiable bit for me on your post was this. Repetition and moronic words are any listener's worst nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Oh I totally love such one liners..Interesting peek into your brain and life.

But I am very curious about the FM thing.What hungama am I missing?

And I concur..Hutch sucks big big time.

b. said...

Woh that was quite a post!!!

I am missing on sleep too..... :(

~ Deeps ~ said...

and the only thing they ever do on meow is talk talk talk talk ahhhhhhhh
stupidity all over the channel from content to branding to marketing

Subhadip said...

I am very curious about MEOW FM!

Are you sure the comment about Abhishek has nothing to do with his marriage?

Titash said...

first woman I came across who doesn't want Pratibha Patil as a president!..umm I wonder

MeMyself_n_I said...

i agree with you, pratibha patil really shouldn't become the president. she is being hailed as the saviour of womankind in india, which, even if true(which it isn't. i don't see how a woman president is gonna make any more difference than a male president. waaaay too much symbolism and no real substance.), shouldn't be reason enough for somebody to become president.

sarcasm is the best kind of humour anyway.

how can women associate themselves with something like meow fm?????

and 8 hours sleep is an absolute necessity! it's the bare minimum for me. :-p

Butterfly said...

Meow FM? Weird, very wierd. Well, we don't have the Meow FM here. And, hope we never get it either. Women with whiskers! How sick!

I have tans on my arms too.:-)

RB said...

"Shock", "guts", "sucky", "meow"...all perfect! Ugh!

Thank you!!

You like seeing frustration coming out? :D

Trust me, you're not missing anything. You should thank your stars for not being here to see and hear this station. Utter crap!

I think I'll move out of Hutch soon.

Sleep is essential. You should know!

And you're SO right! Everything's wrong about that station.

Don't be, it's not worth it.

And no, it's got nothing to do with that fact. He's simply losing the charm.

Read me_myself_n_i's comment - it reflects my sentiments exactly.
It really isn't about feminism or women's cocerns, etc. She is a convenient nomination, that's all.

Exactly! I think Kalam, or even Dr Karan Singh would make a better president any day!

Yeah, nothing beats sarcasm. :D

Maybe we should ask the people who came up with that name.

Oh yes, 8 is the minimum. Sadly, I'm not getting more than that. :(

Yes, the station should die.

Your smiley says you like the tan. Niice! :)

That Girl said...

Ohh I heard about Meow gag FM in Mumbai, but nothing about the hoardings... seriously, they've actually put up such hoardings?! The point being?? Okay, really, let's all mail them. I'll try to Google up their existence.

Oh, and really liked this post. This is just the kind I love on this blog :)

Cool, the awesome college calendar finally gets some respectable office space. Mine must be feeling pretty unimportant sitting on my study desk.

Hasn't Hutch 'officially' sucked for you since.... well, a very very very long time?

Awww crap for the doggie! :( It would break my heart to have such a cute dog almost within my reach... and then snatched away. So to say. Awww :(

I do NOT want Pratibha Patil either. What good has symbolism ever done? And her saying that her nomination shows that "women are respected in India"... huh, what?
I'm no Shekhawat fan, but if it's between these two, my vote would definitely go to him. This time's Presidential polls suck for being so murky. First all the politicking, then inane comments by candidates such as Patil, then dragging in Kalam, then all these allegations against Patil. It's a shame, really.

Go watch Dharma, it's really nice. The ending's a bit too dramatic, but still, overall a good movie and Pankaj Kapur is BRILLIANT. This is in response to the Jhoom Barabar thing, btw.

Okay, long one again, and again after a loooong time. Good to have 24/7 net access again

RB said...

Yeahh...disgusting hoardings. There are also some in which a gang of women are flashing smiles because they have those marks that you get when a cat acts dumb. Paws wale hote hain na? Woh. In red! Ugh!

And thaaanks. I love your comments SO much! :D

Oh yeah, the calendar. My office has a very high SR population, so I showed it to a few people too. They were enjoying it. :)

Yes, Hutch has officially sucked for a long time but don't you say anything right now. HSBC is not giving me my own money to do anything about it!

I know! And I am not even getting to interact with him much because of my odd timings. :(

I swear yaa! And wtf was this thing about her getting in touch with some spirit, some baba?! Crap!
I want a good president!! :(

Dharma? How come I haven't even heard of it? :O
And it has Pankaj Kapur? :O Hmmm...I'll have to see.

Yeahh..very long one. Mine. :D

Silver Mist said...

Loved this post!
So typically you! :D

Another vote against PP from my side. She looks no good. :( I want Kalam back.
My college calendar is sitting pretty on my desk :)
I miss Delhi!! Waaahh!
And Meow FM?? What in the world??
Love sarcasm. :D
And you goto sleep!

Anonymous said...

Hi Arbee,

Good to see that fashionable cynicism is alive and kicking in your groupie circle here... and oH so young too.... As they say in the "Hood" ‘ wanna take this outside (and on the Air....)?’ This is the kind of discussion that Meow was set up to have.. talk radio is a dangerous weapon if used irresponsibly... wanna try? And yes, guys are not allowed to speak... just listen and learn (if that is even possible - wear the hat if it fits guys, don’t have a cow on me for saying this) - Oh yes I am the COO of this company - Radio Today from the stables of the India Today group.

Seriously, don’t take yourselves too seriously and try having some fun with Meow... believe me it works with an open mind (a humble one is an added bonus and guaranteed to please). If you have ideas on what topics you really want to participate in then shoot me a mail and we can. If this stations sucks for you, then it is YOUR fault for not participating and sharing your opinions only because you are too snobbish about your perceived intellect and the fear of its contamination with the ‘Others’ … by all means invade the air waves and separate the WOMEN from the Girls.

Tag ! you are it.

PS …And yes Mumbai and Kolkata >>>>>>>> THE CATS are COMING!!! Have FUN
We are
Thodi Meethi and Thodi Catty


Anonymous said...

Arbee passionately suggested -
I’m thinking maybe lots and lots of people should spam 104.8 FM station’s mail, etc and force them to change the name of their station. MEOW FM????

I wish you would expend your much needed energies in calling the radio station and participating in the discussions and changing the way people think about issues rather than changing the name MEOW.? there some food for thought... see you on the airwaves soon!

RB said...

You want me to go on Air and talk about how I do not like your station? Hmmm...and if you like my voice, will you make me an RJ too? :)

I'll tell you what, I first heard the station when you were still testing signal n stuff. That time you guys called yourself 'Radio Today'. But I disliked it even then, a) because you were not playing original music. EVERY popular song was redone and quite obviously, done injustice to.
b) I even tried calling then, because I really did want to make for better entertainment and talk more sense than what was happening on Air that time. But as it usually happens, I could not get through. I thought your RJ was idiotic too.

Call me a snob with 'fashionable cynicism', but the fact remains that I do not fall into your target category as far as participation in the long discussions that take place on your station is concerned. I really don't see much sense in harping upon inconsequential 'women-related' issues. Just because you've made yourself 'only for women', you restrict your 'discussions' a LOT, and your scripts suck! If you are a radio station, AT LEAST play more music. I tune into your station if there is a good song playing, but if you expect me to listen to the 'talks', then that will not happen!

One last thing - do you really think that all women are thodi catty, thodi meethi? I am not. And I think your tag-line is the cheesiest that I have ever had to hear so much of!

Nothing personal, I just don't like your product and not even the packaging.

Anonymous said...

You are the target audience sweetheart and you do fall into the Thodi catty category (love it). And music DOES NOT equal FM radio. This is a clear indication of how auto tuned you are and well why pull punches... brain washed is the right word I was searching for. I hope one day you open up your mind to new things and adopt.

And as for the name the conversation and the long chats... well all makes for talk radio. Women issues are not idiotic. I suppose you are someone who does not think this is a man's world and I throw three cheers if this is so. This is not a scripted show... never is never will be and cannot be...then again you need to acquaint yourself with the talk form. I am sure the Business services company you work for has sent you one a "go see the boss " trip overseas... if not then once you do make it then for the academic discussion we are having here, check it out... and do not count the accent and the posh speech.. we are Indians and will speak like Indians.

Now writing is a piece of cake. Try talking for three hours with over 100 callers and over 5 lakh listeners and keep it interesting 6 days a week.

You don't have to like the product just now... just like the concept and support it - AS A WOMAN. Judge us in 6 months... or will you be one of those that say, who needs woman's empowerment movement anyway?

Nothing personal but I just don’t like the fact that you can dismiss something without giving it your best. What if no one came to your blogs? it would be a party of one. YOU. so now, you adding to my listener base is not what concerns me (believe me we have lots for 2 months on air), it is the reasons for which you are not one that boggles my mind more...And yes, if you have what it takes to be a ON-AIR HOST (not RJ, again a limitation of your brainwashed mind towards FM = Music)then bring it on. I will gladly put you behind the mike and have Delhi listen to your thoughts and hopefully provoke them your way. But till then, at least support the idea.

Simple Guy said...

First of all who cares about the female folks now a days? On the contrary you must appreciate the wonderful gesture of Women only FM. If you cannot appreciate that, dont tune into that frequency or put some ear plugs on. Either appreciate or shut up is the message i would give u :D

Anonymous said...

U guys shud get a life ...Meow is one of the finest radio channels around...with sum educated people behind the mike giving their views n trying to solve women issues...which aint that funny...so get over it n stop saying crap all the time...

Unknown said...

@ aarbee,
i am a regular listener of meow FM and believe me when i say this ..it is not heard by only the womenfolk of delhi here...we guys gain much info about the thinking patterns and thought processes going on in the female mind!!!which in some way helps the world become a better n much safer place !
in contrast,if u check out the other stations on air nw...all u hear is trash himesh musik or inconsequential gibbersih RJ talk~~~ANIL over here is the most patient and understanding RJ ever to grace INDIAN RADIO SCENE and i think he's doing a marvellous job!!
so to end it,i suggest u to tune into the station and give it a chance!!!
cause its gnna turn into such a movement pretty soon!!!
chherz to MEOW FM

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the way people respect their own thinking,likes and dislikes.But the problem arises when they(or even a small part of them) shut their brain leading to an inflexible and rigid opinion.At least try to understand what others are saying and challenge only when u've given ur best(as anil said).People not ready to adapt and change(I see ego as one of the major reasons) cant deliver their best for long.
Talking about target audience,this factor comes into play way after so many other more important factors like Women Issues itself,helping people improve their own self etc.

A wise man is who learn from his mistakes.But a wiser man is who learn from other's mistakes.This is what Meow FM is doing for the masses.The difference being people are not learning from other's mistakes.. but their experiences..

Have a chill pill !!!

Great initiative Anil...

PB said...

hey wat the hell yaar hey aarbee y r u after changng the name of the station ........ its is perfectly fine n i dont think it could b anything else rather than this ............ i dont think you hv heard any of the shows of MEOW ............ do hear it u would like it n i m sure if u care to solve the probs of the women then fore sure u will like it bt u finding MUSIC here like any other common station tn i request Keep out Dear!!!!!! 99% of the people love Meow Bt 1% left think crap about it do hear it wn u get time N If u Wish to hear music Tune In To Someother Station...........We Love Meow!!!!!!!!!! N It Is The Best It Simply Rock Just For Women Radio Station........:d

juhi said...

well i guess these r sum issues which r untouched and raised only whn sumthing like electing A WOMEN PRESIDENT occurs.....on news channels like ndtv,cnn ibn etc etc.
but hey if sumone is trying to make an initiative to bring light on sum really serious issues ....thn whts the prob in accepting it??
at least give it a chance......thr is more to life thn just music.....Anil is giving radio channels a new definition thn just playing music...
i truly love every show on this radio channel n love to be a part of it..

Unknown said...

hey all u people who are talkin trash abt the station shud just check upon urself... there's noyhin so bad about the station and its radio hosts either... and these people have just taken the initiative to get delhi's conservative and those who are still hiding in their closets finally get out of the cliche... when all u just run towards west then why not liking the wat meow is doing... think again, and those who haven't gave it a shot must try it... u'll probably end up liking it...

Anonymous said...

heyz......buttrfly..wat an wierd name is......i hpe....samo 4 d person behin dis name......lolz....
meow is perfect...daam gud....u mind it.....n asko frm dose..whohad solvd dere probs with t help f dis channl......ya. rong miss r mrs buttrfly...srry if ya felt rong..but ya too vry wierd....dis is vj 4 u.....ya mind yr toung...lady.....
may god bless ya....

manasichauhan said...

hey arabee....its cool that u dont like some things FINE!!!!no one cares!!!k nobody cares wat u like and u dont.....so just keep havin ur 8 hour sleep.....bye-bye

Aradhana said...

hey buddy if u dont like MEOW dont hear it n stop thinking about it okie in simple words If U dont like it Dont Hear it.........Bt Its For Sure U Might b hearing it i should not say this bt i think u r a bit not happy with what ANIL is doind r u jelous.......or wat .......if not go on with ur work buddy dont bother The Station It simply Is 2 gud Meow Is 2222 gud if u think u can do better or help women n a better way most welcome arleast dont say crap about others!!!!!!! chilll darling

RB said...

All right, I agree that I am auto-tuned to what I get. And I have absolutely no qualms about accepting the fact that I had never heard of 'talk radio' before.

Women issues are not idiotic. I AGREE. What I said in my earlier comment was that you do not discuss women related issues. Trust me, if you really did discuss women-related issues, you would not have as many listeners as you do right now. Discussing 'what you think while doing it' is NOT a women-related issue. You are just doing what every other media house does - create masala that people like and that is it. I appreciate your effort in trying to make people like me get your original concept, but not really working for now.

I get your little joke there...and just to turn it around as a PJ...your RJ at 11:15 pm does not have a neutral english accent. A nice voice though. (Aaand you managed to make me tune in for some time too) :D

And hey, writing is easy for me because I treat it as a hobby. It's not that only your job is tough, mine is too. Everybody's is. Everyone has a lot at stake. :)

I gave you the reasons why I don't like your station. I did not dismiss it without giving it a chance. And I still give it a chance almost everyday during my two hour drives each way between Delhi and Gurgaon. But the way you go MEOW after every song just kills it for me, and I feel like killing someone at your end for doing that. It's your 'style statement' and that is fine, but I CANNOT tolerate it.
For me to stay tuned-in for the discussions, you would really have to go FAR beyond something like 'which sex is more vulnerable' and things like that. I don't need to explain to you that I don't care about such stuff, especially discussions on it. According to me, so far you have only been filling Air time.
The day I like something that you do, I swear I'll write about that too.

And hey, I see that you turned my original comment around and directed spam into my blog. :)

I've been having fun in these 'discussions' with you. Hope you did too. :))

I am addressing you as 'others' because I do not respect people who do not respect me or my space. You think I think and write trash, I think you have a pathetic taste. Period.

For those who left anonymous comments - First have the balls to own up to your words by signing your comments and then talk about anything else.

Anonymous said...

well, aarbee sweetheart first of all..i am seriously feeling extremely sorry for u as appear to be an extremely conceited personality.well,firstly MEOW DOES play host to a number of serious women oriented issues and am sure ud agree, only if ud review the product beyond the packaging before opening ur big mouth.and yea i do agree that a lot of the topics are lighter issues but then they too hold their own in a way.

@ ANIL ..lets not fuss abt this lady, i think aarbee needs her time...well u ko considering that she is so into the banal good old FM, that she's finding it hard to believe that it CAN exist and thrive as talk radio.

oh n yea b4 i leave...aarbee..as in the vegetable ??????
hmm...talk abt wierd names ...:)

Anonymous said...

Thodi meethi and thodi catty? Yeah, serious, intelligent women will SO wanna listen to a radio station whose heads can't think beyond the hackneyed 'cat' analogies and associating the colour pink with women. Come ON!

And as for the miscellaneous commenters -- get a life! And ppl, PLEASE, for heaven' sake, get your grammar right! In case that's humanly impossible for you, write in Hindi. That'll perhaps save you a lot of embarrassment.

~ Deeps ~ said...

seems like anil has asked all meow and radio today people to come and comment here ..........no wonder suddenly there are so many people who are saying meow is so good and meow is so nice blah blah blah......

guys if u think aarbee's opinion (who is one of the customer of FM channels and there are many like her who dont like meow) and then ignore her, why are u coming here and commenting......and more than that it shows that u people dont take ur customer seriously......i guess that comes with the fact that u have quite a good amount of money to spend as a part of big group.......

well as someone said, lets give it sometime and then we will see whether meow stick to their strategy and change it as per the market needs............

the concept of talk shows are good and quite interesting but only if the people who are calling up have some sense to talk........most of the time they talk crap......sound so immature....and all........

and someone who was talking abt insights.....please these kind of insights are marketers nightmares.......time for u to study market research 101 :)

~ Deeps ~ said...

as i thought....most of people who are supporting here anil's point are newly registered or dont have blogger ids.......i cant say i am 100% sure but i am pretty much confident now that anil have circualted the blog address among the employees and asked them to come and comment here .......and by looking at their comments, which shows the immaturity of them and leave a bad taste..........it certainly shows that they dont have any regards for a potential customer viewpoint and really disgusting attitude towards them..........i wish Today group people can see the way their employees react to their customers......

if u think u have the right product and packaging then lets wait for 6 months.....make some financial figures public and then we can analyse whether the channel have done good or bad........and please dont give any excuse on this that u cant and etc etc cuz of being part of a group.......

all the people who have commented here against ur channel do have open mind (thats why they have been using new products and technologies for long time like blogger, flickr etc etc....) but if ur product doesnt appeal us, it doesnt mean we have closed minds....get out of this thinking of urs and if u still think we have close minds then stop visitng here :)

and plz for god sake ask ur employess to attend a class on english language :)

Anonymous said...

@deeps...u kno wat at first having read ur reply ,frankly i was on the verge of agreeing with u entirely but,on further thought i realised sumthing that probably you missed...abt the pink and the trite cat women analogy...i think that you would probably agree with me on the point that most of ur indian counterparts believe in so called "tradition" and all the other banal stuff...tho its 07 a lot still cling to 1920 or evn before...and i guess the sole reason that the approach is banal is simply to make evn those ppl tune in...and to gradually lead dem futher...c the ENTIRE reason why i am so fascinated with the whole concept is that ppl are actually moving out of their closets...and for the real technocrats like u (ahem! blogs are surely the latest 'technology', so much for the small lil i-phone,...no offence but latest in retrospection def thats wat blogs are...flush ur buffer dude! )

and no anil does nt employ me :)

Anonymous said...

yea...so for the technocrats like you..well yea mayb anil uve gotta move on from freq modulation to pulse modulation now...coz deeps dude is lookin for a new technology like his blog. :)

R said...

I think I am really happy for you, Aarbee. You know why? After all, the COO of the company wants you to try and take over the mike someday. I mean I am pretty sure you'd LOVE to try that bit... do you already have images of the mike?
Tch, tch.

Ok, ok, so whoever googled for meow and got here and then directed the COO to leave a comment and all of that, here's something for you. I was unfortunately tuned in to your station sometime back with a lot of girls around and I swear to god we laughed our bums off. You're trying so hard to stand out without even thinking of your content. Its good to see you want to initiate the discussion... but what I heard that night got a reaction from women you wouldn't want. (I think it was about how/why should women voice their sexual needs to their partners.) For them, it turned out to be a source of idiotic suggestions and highly dramatic incidents pouring in. But its a different case if you wanted your 'target' to think like that. If that's your strategy, go ahead.

WORK on the station, bring it up, get something interesting on air (rather than the same old when you give it a woman angle and think you can attract listeners.) Then you guys (and I include the COO most importantly) will have to STOP convincing people to tune into the station.

And, what a desperate attempt by the employees to come and say "trust me It is Best and IT ROCK."
Er, ok.

R said...

@ Anonymous (whose lovely lines appear above Jay's comment)
Ha!!! SHOWS how you don't even respect the medium you work for. "Banal good old FM"?
Didn't know the Today group could do something like this. I used to respect that house a LOT.

Anonymous said...

my personal views embodied in this post:
all i ve to say is dat anil is doing a gr8 job..
no music..cm'on meow plays amazing numbers..so get to knw d show first b4 tearing it off..everythin at meow is miles away frm mundane stuff..
if sm1 wishes to listn to d peppy no.s, go ahead, u've got plenty of stations to choose frm. however, if u r looking 4 smthin a few levels up frm dose hip-hop beats tune in to meow..
everythin seems to b so much well thought of at meow. it definitely leads 1 to the self exploration n evaluation exercise, which v nvr devote time to- d self!!
n name or d punch-line, it cudnt ve bn better.. wat 1 wanted it to b othrws..mirchi, masala, red blue green fm, rainbow..river sea!! wat!!
meow is v creative n full of life..
lastly, it is not MANDATORY to listn to meow, if sm1 dsnt lik it cool, liv wid ur thoughts...(again one of d msgs spread by anil- dat they r nt here to b judgemental, jus thr to let us speak our minds)

hey Anil, u truly ve no competitor.. N even god is not spared frm criticism, so accept it!!
"people staying near the sea-shores are not scared of the waves"
critics ve to jus make sure dat d criticism is healthy dats it!!!!
byebye..tc all

nalin said...

HATE IT LOVE IT , U CANT IGNORE IT.THATS MEOW FM.I HAVE BEEN WORKING BEHIND THE CAMERA ,AND BEHIND THE SCENES,IT TAKES A LOT OF EFFEORT ,PLANNING,RESEARCH AND MONEY,AND AFTER THAT U SIMPLY CROSS UR FINGERS TO WAIT FOR THE REACTION OF THE AUDIENCE.sometimes things work and sometimes it doesnt.a critic shud ve d expereince,,the knowledge and d expereice do analyse things.one shud not attempt critical analyses if one is not qualified enough to do so.

nalin said...

in an era where all the fm channels payed it safe and started off wid music only.(since fm was digital quality)the script does not exist today,remember times fm and air ,whre we had a lot of loyalty towards the programmes,the rjs like roshan abbas,shamshir,yuri,etc were stars...it was a nice idea to bring out something which was interactive and les of music was involved,morever giving it a shape of womens radio wud also tempt the men to listen to it.the concept looks purrrfect on the paper.NAME-WEN WE CAN HAVE AALO PIYAZ AND MIRCHI AS RADIO STATIONS WATS THE HARM WID MEOW.meow is executing its plan greatly and is doin a nice job.the best part is they r open to suggestions and do changes according to the tastes of the viewers.one thing that i hate disclosing,i have been one of the advertisers on this channel,i did advertise on otherfm channels too,beleive me ,i am getting value for money.attention advertising gurus!

R said...

Looks like they were always looking out for critics only and not what their listeners thought.

And oh, am I wrong here that radio has LISTENERS and not viewers? The advertisers would know.

@ Deeps
I think I AM convinced now that Things To Do Over The Weekend for the employees had only one point. Type all that you can and leave on Fuchsia.
Good job guys, solid bumming.

nalin said...


nalin said...


That Girl said...

PS: Aarbee has cribbed about Hutch too, but I don't see frenzied babbling Hutch employees spamming the blog. Hutch is definitely not juvenile/ petty/ insecure/ intolerant enough to pay its employees to whip up a fake show of mass hysteria on Hutch's behalf. Unlike the Meow Meow guys.

Anonymous said...

I can now see this blog going towards a never ending sequence of comments that are either kind of personal or are not near to the mainstream topic we "were" discussing.People who are more interested in forcibly proving their fake ownself by making cheap comments on others like "correcting grammar"(as if they are gold medalists from Oxford University) and saying that "Anil has circulated this to employees of Meow".. Oh come on.. shed your egos and have the balls to keep the blog healthy and answer sensibly..

Helping and recovering people who are sexually harassed or have lost someone very close to them forever,people who are living in hell and having nightmares everyday is what other Radio stations cant even think of fearing loss of their market value.

Its very easy to laugh on whats going on.. they are doing that.. they are going this.. Just because you are not one of them doesnt make u inevitable and ultimate judge.Meow is for common people and masses and is doing amazing job for them.

In the end I just wanna say that its okay if u like something and dislike something.. this is how it goes and I respect that.. but saying unacceptable and immoral things isnt appreciable..

That Girl said...


Have the balls to keep this discussion healthy and answer sensibly? How about directing that advice to the spammers here who leave such gems like:
"oh n yea b4 i leave...aarbee..as in the vegetable ?????? hmm...talk abt wierd names ...:)"


"buttrfly..wat an wierd name is......i hpe....samo 4 d person behin dis name"

Or are you okay with dilution of the debate, as long as those who behave churlishly are on YOUR side of the argument?

And "immoral"? Excuse me, which morals are we talking about here, again?

And as far as helping women goes, if you think the station is doing a good job, you're entitled to your views. As I'm entitled to mine. You mean to say that just because I don't like a little FM station, I do not per se care for women's issues or I'm "laughing" at women victims? Get a grip. What kind of inane generalization are you attempting here?! My involvement with women's issues does NOT, thankfully, depend on my FM listening patterns. And your spamming individual, personal blogs is not going to change the aforementioned patterns either. How about accepting the fact that different people can have different tastes, and that an individual has the right to mention her likes & dislikes on her OWN PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL BLOG? Is that very hard to understand, to tolerate?

Silver Mist said...

Just read all this, Richa. Killing!! You've done a good job fending off these asinine comments. Though I really wanna listen to Meow once, just to see what it's like. Wondering...

Anil is so sad and desperate, so are all his employees. Could barely read and comprehend half of the gibberish they'd written. Argh!
I mean, as COO shouldn't he be busy with more important stuff, like improving his station, instead of spamming someone's blog??
Crazy people, crazy world man!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aarbee,

Now that both sides are talking let this be an academic discussion between us. I care that you begin to listen and not any of your 'Blog mates" (you, believe it or not are my target audience and not them for sure... at least not yet). So addressing all of your objections:

1. Redone music during the test phase: that was license free music which I did not have to pay anything for during the test or else the music companies are ruthless in their booty from radio stations. You must agree the music now is good if not always the "LATEST".

2. The talk is very women centric and not all of it can and needs to appeal to you. When a cross section of women are being targeted it is impossible to stay relevant to all but as long as I have your attention for about 30 minutes to an hour on this station with whatever will keep you there then (music for now) my task is accomplished.
3. You sampled again after this and heard the fun "what's on your mind when you are doing it" well unless you are not sexually active now, or ever, you know what was being discussed was real to you as was to anyone else. There are thought that wander in and tend to either enhance the experience or spoil it. This show was just noticing this reality while you and other took this for granted and did not think it merits a thought. So now you have judged this based on one hearing...how about the shows you missed when Domestic Violence was being discussed, or the gravity of Child Sexual abuse on girls where over 30 women came out and therapeutically confessed the atrocities meted out on them for the Very first time... DO YOU THINK THIS IS IDIOTIC? or the show where it allowed human beings to express their grief after losing someone dear to them.... the list goes on. All of this is interspersed with the lighter and naughtier side of life and if this is not ok with you then what is? How about when every day we teach struggling moms to cope with the pressures and demands of becoming the Super mom…or when issues that concern marital bliss or the disappearing form of that where it leaves many women helpless and desperate. This station has given women a voice and a platform to do it on without the fear of being judged. The original intention of this format is still on track sweetie.

4. you have been very articulate in expressing what you did not like on the station but you have been skirting around the issue of what you want to hear on the station for it to attract you in a positive manner. Speak now...

5. Revisit all that you write... you sound like someone who finds pleasure in whining about everything that touches you. Now what is wrong is looking at the brighter and the lighter (sometimes humorous) side of things you like and writing about it. Finding the good in the bad is the challenge. I say this before you go off on a tangent and inventory for me all the good things you found in the obviously good.

6. A note for the lambs in your circle; not one of these posts are from the employees. A conclusion they quickly jumped to searching for a soft pillow to fall on when convenient. Even if they were, they are people with thoughts and can be expressed. BUT THEY ARE NOT.

7. Yes, I am having a good time in these exchanges and hope one day we find common ground. You must admit, this blog of yours here came alive and is now edgy with two sides of the coin hailing the concept of democratic exchange in a peaceful manner. IN the absence of this you had folks just agreeing with every cynical comment you were making. So how about gracing your air waves and making it as interesting as you want it to be. Return the favor.

And lastly, can you explain to your gang that although this is a personal blog, the very function is to attract visitors who want to express... if not this would be a closed password community and would be called e-mail and not a blog. Here the public is welcome as on the airwaves (anonymous or identified).

Tag. you are it now. :)

PS that guy with a "nice voice" and not a Neutral accent is me and without apologizing for how I sound, this came from my 14 year stay in America communicating with the people of America on my 10 year old nationally syndicated radio show and TV appearances. So it may take time to shelve and till then concentrate on what I am saying and not how. you may like it. I am on every Wednesday and Friday at 10 PM. TTYS

pria said...

i think anyone can juz hate or love something and if hate something why do we care to listen. and i think anil is doing fantastic job...anyone who doesnt wanna hear well switch it off ..eh...no offence to anyone..juz saw this to thought to reply

Unknown said...

@ Anil and other Cool Cats
I am one of the "lambs" in Richa's circle, and honored to be so. I am unfortunately not in Delhi at this point (and won't be so for the next two years) otherwise I would have been able to participate in this lively discussion with some more passion. But in order to make amends and to give Meowing a fair chance, I wanted to know if a podcast was available of any of your programmes?

Anonymous said...

Podcasts are on its way soon in the new version of the website. And thanks for the Olive branch. I gladly acccept and extend to you mine.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

wish i could go on a date wid nalin and anil,they talk sense,r mature and have "juvenile restless ness" left in them.r u guys on orkut...i hate ur face arbee.....

~ Deeps ~ said...

atleast read properly who wrote what......u replied to Jay's comment and wrote my name on top.....so probably jay can ans ur queries.........

as abt technocrats thing.....i am pretty sure and confident that we people are more creative than you and your group(u r free to visit our blogs and profiles).......barring anil who is talking atleast talking some sense.......unlike the lambs of his herd :D

Unknown said...

hi deeps! i think its a sentimental issue for the people who love meow,,,like me.if u talk about the trp"s mirchiand city were already ahead,since they were old,amongst the new were fever ,radio one and hit95,the latest one was meow.surprisingly within a span of two months meow has reached up to third position.ther is a restlessness in the radio industry after that.kuch to dum hai yaar.

~ Deeps ~ said...

being a lamb in the circle, i just want to ask you one thing. since u r among the sensible voices out here and being a COO of a company i expect u to be so.

how do u explain that suddenly one day u appear and write abt how radio meow is so good (which was really nice of u to come and write abt) and suddenly in few days we have so many people commenting here and agreeing with ur point, who have no ids on blogger and they never thought abt commenting here on such a old post.......

Now having worked in the US of A as u said (why we have to brag abt working in america and how does it proove that having worked there, we become much better than desi souls. Since u sound like a management guy, i am sure u are aware of many companies who came with same attitude and faced failure)

Anyways coming back to point, Logically it only says one thing that u have populated this blog site to ur friends, employees and ur known people. since being ur lambs they are bound to say good abt u and ur channel. so dont say that they are unknown to u...please the people out here are not so stupid and dumb like ur lambs :)

and a request, please atleast do a proper screening of ur people aptitude. I am sure aarbee didnt have any probs with ur comments but the way UR PEOPLE or LAMBS (in ur words) have reacted is totally disgusting..........

btw i agree with ur point 1, ur channel atleast play good songs(whenever there is not much of blabbering going on)

so if u really want us to like ur channel, get some thinking RJs and get some people who talk sense rather than a aunty A from West Delhi or a babe from GK.....the concept is nice but implementation needs lot of finetuning to attract us poor souls......and plz play some more songs......cuz ur channel is atleast good in selection of songs

~ Deeps ~ said...

its so easy to say its third but doing a market research of even 1000 people in a city with population of a crore is bound to give wrong inferences...........

i am no expert in entertainment industry but i know one thing that radio is a form of entertainment for most of the souls and if used judiciously it can be used to take a social cause too (which is intention of radio meow) but it shouldnt forget that the primary job of a channel is to entertain (a good eg is how ndtv and IBN weave arnd the discussions with their main objective of providing cutting edge news).......sorry for such a blunt expression but thats what the capitalist thought is behind any business.........u need to make money to survive and all gyan and talks can only bring a certain strata of society but not all of them.......

Anonymous said...

@ Deep I am not going to dignify your immature comments with a credible response, but if you have not got this already, you are not the target audience and I care two hoots whether you listen to MEOW 104.8 FM or not. So just be seen and not heard please. But please go ahead and vent your feelings and react to this because this is your right and I respect that.

Anonymous said...

@Shweta Thanks for the vote of confidence but what you said about Aarbee was mean. I know you felt the same after reading your own post. Let's try and keep this academic and not personal. Sorry Richa

~ Deeps ~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~ Deeps ~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~ Deeps ~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nalin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

@deeps,o gaud, u seem to be another leftist,one of those who supported china"s invasion in india.pseudo intellectuals.do u have any idea about the trp"s of ndtv.debang was kicked out becoz of that,the management felt it is becoming a documentary channeland a mouth piece of the leftists,pranoys sister,brinda karat holdsa position in the left.do u watch doodarshan honey,lot of social cause,the salary of its employees are paid by the govt,who in turn takes it frm us ,by taxes.rest all the channels have to earn revenues so that they salary ,etc can be paid.there shud be no guilt conceince while earning money thru entertainment.since this is media we need to keep the ethics also in mind.ndtv made a hero of afzal guru,and wen people felt he needs to be hanged,they were talkin about human rights issues.called in nitya krishnan(stupid lawyer of jnu) who was defending the terrorist of the ansal plaza blast.ndtv made this a human rights issue and projected nitya as a fighter for the cause of human rights.people first hated ndtv,now they have started ignoring it.jai bharat.jai hindu.garv sae kaho hum hindu hain.aur hum ek hain,chahae wo indian american ho,bihari ho bengali ho.

Unknown said...

sorry,i think i got i little carried away from the discussuion,kya karun bardast nahi hota india kae against mein yeh saari baatein,recently all the fm channels were making star of sanjay dutt,when he was punished by the law of the land,they went to the extent of doing a poll survey ,asking people to vote ,whether they thought sanjay was innocent or not. .now the license agreement of the fm channels clearly tell them to stay out of political affairs,at least meow stayed out of it.

RB said...

Ok, point by point.

1)You were saving money. All right.

2)Fair enough.

3)I am 21 years old, working for 12 hours a day. I earn money and spend on myself. This, to tell you the kind of lifestyle (and therefore,hopefully, the kind of routine) I have. The times I have (and can) tuned in to your station, I have always had to hear of the kind of things I have mentioned earlier. I did not know about the things that you have written, and if you really are doing that too, I'd say good for you. But if I fall in your target category, I am still not getting what I might like (apart from the music). Right?

4)You seem to be in the business for a real long time, I'm sure you know what women like me would enjoy. :)

5)If you had not gone off on this tangent, you would have realised that this 'whining' was only in this post (and not ALL my writing) and that was the 'theme' for the day. I'm sure you understand that I certainly do not need you to tell me how to live my life.
And therefore, I am also entitled to MY opinions about everything (including 104.8) around me. Sure you want to popularise your station, but why do you want to push it down my throat? Let us really give the whole thing some time. Since I don't have any personal bias against you or the station, I don't see why I won't appreciate something that I like. And trust me, I am a real loyalist once I get down to liking something. And with me you don't know when I would start following your show if I fall for your voice, if not your words. :P

6)"Edgy" is a rather soft word to describe what is happening here but I shall still take it. But sweety, my blog has always been alive. If instead of Googling for "Meow" or whatever that you did for, if you'd searched for anything remotely related to my blog or my real name, you would have found Google making me stand at number 1 anyway. And before you say it, yes, no modesty here. :)

Thanks for your words to Shweta or whoever that is. I appreciate it.

Not that the name that I use for you matters because both are the same, and both profiles are fake...you might just want to keep politics out of here. I do not want a dicsussion (and expectedly, a senseless one) on that kickstarting over here.

I am disabling anonymous comments here for obvious reasons. If you have a point to make, please feel free to use a Gmail account to sign in and then say what you want to. Thank you.

PS@Anil: Unfortunately, it will apply to you as well because with 'anonymous', the option of 'others' will automatically go too.
Also, if I believe you, you don't know any of these people on your side...right? But I personally know every person on my side, so I'd request you to not use words like 'lambs' for any of them 'coz I find it condescending. I hope you understand.
Hope to still see you around.

Unknown said...

i just decide to ignore ur blog from now,u can check my profile on orkut by typing shwetaarya.arya,i dont even hate ur juvenile antiques now.bye forever!

Praveen Dwivedi said...

Hey Richa,

M sorry if m barging into ur private space,what i feel is everoe has the right to choose what they like and you have chosen urs so thats not an issue at all, your suggestions to the channel were all your and it was your opinion, i think everything should have been taken in a positive manner rather then fighting over it , (from what i get to read from the conversations ur having) u said something which u felt, wait and watch Meow will evolve , dont worry , working hard on it , since this is for the masses so cannot satisfy everybodies need, i dontlike pepsi or coke , it does not mean i should go against the poeple who like it ,its my choice i like it or not. so thats what i wanted to say,your choice, your thoughts your words, so whatevr you want, but at least give every body a chance.

@anil..... writing is not a piece of cake , not for everybody u need to think to write, and the words that you write matters, what you speak getsd lost in the airwaves, but what is written remains to be read again and again and again, speaking is a piece of cake i think, you just need to be a good writer to do that..............lolz..............

No offence ment to anyone...