Thursday, February 19, 2009

The last 20 days!

A bus to Mumbai.
A flight to Kolkata.
A train to Jamshedpur.
A cab to Ajanta.
Favourite pizza at Domino's.
Rum and coke.
Red roses.
Country profiling.
Farooq Sheikh.
Innumerable ads.
Gaenda phool.
Dev D.
Being broke.
Washing clothes.
And a lot more...

It has been an extremely exciting month so far, and with each incident/experience... there are so many emotions I've gone through that the sense of being is beyond definition right now.


R said...

I love Cal!

Did you like Dev D though?

RB said...

I thought it was a decent movie. You didn't like it?

R said...

Did. It takes balls to present the sexually charged up guy and the rest. The second half was repetitive in many ways, didn't you think? Like the pseudo psychedelic sequences though..good stuff for a start.

RB said...

Haan, it did become a drag towards the end, but the good stuff covered up for the few dull moments.