Friday, December 29, 2006

Through The Year

# Rang De Basanti, the movie and the reality, both happened.

# A long pending wish of getting my nose pierced came true.

# Trips to the walled city took place.

# I slogged and scored well in the 2nd year exams.

# I got to do another internship which was completely different from my previous one. And it was one helluva experience too.

# I put on a lot of weight through the year; lost a little towards the end though.

# I sat for my first official job interview. And also, I think, realised why I didn’t get through.

# I got an opportunity to study from some of the most amazing teachers.

# I broke more bones (of myself) this year.

# Learned a lot of heavy-duty lessons too.

# Experienced a lot of feelings and emotions that I had only heard of till now. They may have all not been pleasant but were definitely enriching.

# I got a new phone. It is jinxed and keeps falling all the time. It sustains most falls though. My phone after all! :D

# I met a lot of new and interesting people this year as well. Love it!

# I made friends, lost some, made some more and lost some more too.

# I cut some people out of my life as well.

# My capacity to work in a day increased for sure.

# I got published.

# For the first time ever, I was told that I am creative. That was a high.

# I voted.

# Saw the pain of someone whose loved one left the world. Also saw the joy of someone who brought a child into this world.

# Thought of taking a lot of radical steps but could not do any of them. But I think I will some day.

# I fell in love with Green Day.

# My dear Abhishek Bachchan got rated as Asia’s sexiest man.

# Yes, CAT happened. :-)

# And yeah, I got this new blog.

The year’s already over. I still have clear pictures of January in my mind. Time really flies by!

Let’s hope the new year will be happy and peaceful for everybody around.


Rohit Talwar said...

Yeah man time really flies!

Year's been full of activity eh! Guess I'd make a list too ;)

RB said...


Make the list. I'm interested.

~ Deeps ~ said...

lets wish that coming yr is much better than the one went by

RB said...

Yeah. :-)

That Girl said...

Dunno how I missed this one. Tu bhi soch rahi hogi is post pe kahan se pahunch gayi :) Clicked on "2006" in your archives, just like that. And achha hua na, yeh post mil gaya.

Like the post. Very interesting, and just the sort of thing I always think you're so good at. Cutting through the millions of things that happen all around to get to the most important ones, analysing yourself/things around you, and putting it all down in words so well.

Again, I don't think I can undertake a similar exercise for my 2006! Mine would be too cluttered and I'm sure I'll forget a lot many important things :)

("Again" because I remembering making a similar comment to a similar post of yours on VT)

Aur iska reply karegi toh mail me the reply. I don't think I'll remember to come wandering here again :)

The preview of my comment made me realize - long comment!