Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The same story - a different narration

Sister power!

At our second pit stop

Vaishali Vaishnav dhaba

Priya, Avan, me, Samridhi, and Nidhi

It's a bad shot. I know. But I saw the glasses and was reminded of the one and only chai ki dukaan I know of.

Priya talking of Congress and BJP

The doggu throwing tantrums

Our camp site

Education for all!

The sad waterfall for which we trekked

And the breaks to catch a breath were utilised for posing

After a LOT of drama, Avan, Shagun and I entered this chilly pool of water. It was funnn! :D

There was no looking back for Avan. She did not mind the weird, ugly men around her either.

Nobody enjoyed water as much as Priya did during the entire trip

When I tried to run away with her cigarettes

Everytime I ask a group of people to stand together for my camera, invariably I get an Angels pose

The camps in the evening

The dry pits :|

The Watson Wyatt girls after dinner :P

Shagun, Avan, and the noorie in them

The hardcore journalist and the super-passionate golfer

Siblings of a kind

Avan at play

Avan's fluke with my camera :P

There was a big whirlpool right in front of our tents. The river was scary.

While we waited for our breakfast and our raft

Chhoti. And the group in the background which also had a Richa, Avan, Shagun and a Chhoti. :)


There goes Priya leaving the raft behind. Samridhi's enjoying the cold water too!

:P Water went up my nose.

Can you spot Priya?

Ten minutes before this, Avan was threatening the guide to pull her up lest her mom will kill him

The final pose

The fresh lime soda we had here could give the best of places a run for their money

Poor owners of this house had to write that their rooms were not available for rent :)

The Ram Jhula

Our car and the driver at Cheetal on our way back

I will remember for life how sick the cheese sandwich there was

And by the end, the whole body had started hurting. Avan put on her shady glasses to give me a massage.


~ ॐ ~ said...

What a gorgeous bunch of girls this is !!! I am feeling like I missed more than just being on the raft :P

I love that picture of sand...

Me, Deepu, Angie and Tushar had trekked up a waterfall too in Rishikesh and we guys had some awesome fun there.... it was like a small personal fresh water pool... still remember that evening....

and body surfing is such a nice thing to do... I am not sure (I don't think so either) but did one of you guys jump into a rapid as well? There is one (can't remember the name) where you can body surf !!!

did you guys jump off the cliff into water?

and I should have adviced you on the food options... I am sorry I did not... Cheetal and Grand Cheetal are so not the places to eat !!! The places to eat when you are on this road/route are

1. Moolchand (just before the Muzaffarnagar Bypass when you are on your way towards Rishikesh)

2. The Dhabas once you turn right after the bypass (on your way towards Rishikesh)

3. Roorkee (if you are passing by duing the day; there is a lassi ki dukaan which you can go to and have some street food, chat and all)

4. Madhuban (in Rishikesh, just before Muni ki Reti) - Its a restaurant/temple on the lines on Iskon and they serve amazing breakfast.... a li'il slow because they have tava roties and paranthas, but very very clean, and tasty and hygenic

5. Choti wala (this has gone down my list of preferred eateries now)

6. There is an Italian restaurant on the street from Ram Jhula towards Geeta Bhawan (can't remember the name)

7. Mohanji Puri Wali @ Har Ki Paudi (absolute must for the Alu Puri, Gulab Jamun, Mal Pue, Halwa)

8. For the touristy inclined ( Jain Shikanji); they have some decent pakodas too

9. For the street lovers, the shikanji walas at the Railway Crossing just after the bridge from Haridwar to Rishikesh...

Phew thats a lot eh !

~ ॐ ~ said...

And I forgot to ask...

1. Who all had the red circle on thier butts after using the makeshift rest rooms in the camps? :D

2. Does Avan always need shady glasses to give a massage? Why did you only get it? :P

3. What chai ki dukaan were you talking about ( better be what I am thinking, else its going to be very embarrassing :P)

RB said...

:) well, too bad you were in firang land!

Sand was fun!

No, we did not jump into the rapid. Subhadip told me about that one too. Next time. :D

And nope, didn't jump off the cliff either. We were all first-timers and this was enough for us to begin with. :)

We did eat at Chotiwala and the Iskcon restaurant. I didn't like the food at Iskcon too much. Sidey tha. Chotiwala was pretty decent.

Nobody bothered to talk about the experience in those 'rest rooms'. Bledy! :|

I'm special. That's why I was the only one who got that massage. Reason for glasses is a secret. :P

And hahaa... of course I'm talking of your chai ki dukaan. No embarrassments here. :)

Akshay said...

hope this monsoon i cat take u and a few other interested souls to a few places in the western ghats...as pretty if not more...

~ ॐ ~ said...

no rest room talk? uff...

too bad... on my camping trip we spent a good amount of time talking about those wooden commodes and the large red circles they leave on the butts :D

and the sand flushes :D

you did not like the food at Madhuban... strange ! I have loved it every time i went... in fact that's one place where I make sure I have a meal when I go to Rishikesh !

RB said...

Haan haan.. totally! I do have plans of seeing more if the western ghats this next term.

Arre... I am the queen of potty talk (never in competition with Aro though), but this time the experience wasn't worth talking about.

But btw, how do you know there are red circles? Whose butts were you analysing?

I did not like the food there 'coz unke tadke mein pyaaz nahi hota. I don't like onions, but that flavour is a must for me. Food seems incomplete without it.

Subhadip said...

That's really well told :)

"Avan at play" is special... really liked it.

RB said...

:) Thanks...

Anonymous said...

This does seem like fun.. Can't believe I missed it. Love the photo of the camp at night and the sand. Nice.


RB said...

Yes, you missed the fun. Another time, maybe.

Thanks for liking the pics. :)

R said...

"Avan at play" is gorgeous. Never lose it.
Use it for the time you're ready with the portfolio to click professionally :)

RB said...

Thanks for the generous compliment. Made my day. :)