Monday, April 09, 2007

About My Dad…

An unforgettable and amazing philosophy that he shares with all his brothers – the slower a fan moves, the cooler it makes the room. Yes, you got that right. He thinks that if you come from a killer hot weather outside and sit under a fan that moves at 1, you’ll feel good. At 5, the air just gets trapped near the ceiling. Not forgetting the noise pollution that it creates at such speed. And this is something that ALL Bhardwajs except the brothers laugh at all the time. Non-stop. Really! We wonder who taught them Science. Or maybe philosophy. At least the teacher succeeded in making his students remember the lesson.

And the songs that he sings! I am willing to bet a thousand bucks if someone can figure what song he is singing. They’re all original. Weirdly original!

He has accompanied me for every new thing in my life – admission to college, internship-first days, entrances, interviews, etc. All of it! He’ll make adjustments in his schedules even if Mamma is free to go with me and make sure that he’s the one.
When I had started going to IMS, or was interning and used to reach back home late, he used to have Maggi ready for me in my favourite plate (yes, I have a favourite plate. A favourite glass too. Can we focus on the topic, please?). It was really cute.

FMS was his dream for me. He had temperature but had decided to wait for me outside on the day of the exam. All those hours! I knew that the exam didn’t go well as I walked out the test centre. And told him the same. He didn’t say anything to me but his face gave it away. That moment hurt me more than my disappointment after CAT and MICA results. I wished some miracle happened. But I don’t believe in miracles myself for one to happen.

But oh, God save you if you are at the receiving end of his anger. I know at least I can’t utter a word back. The last time it happened, I did. It got nasty and I hated doing it but I really wanted to do it. Sorry Pa, for creating a scene. Still not sorry for taking the stand that I did. :P

My family has 2 people whose names begin with an S, and two with an R. Pa’s the other R. So Mamma calls us the Bada R and the Chhota R. (Yes, we’re a weird family. Bhai will come across as the sanest but that’s because he talks the least. Anyway, focus please.) - This, for our resemblance in looks and in habits. We can both not tolerate a mess, we both get cheap thrills out of pulling Mamma’s leg, we’re both loyalists for each brand of things that we use, we both stay happy with our standard food (as opposed to the foodies that Ma and Bhaiya are) and we both find it too hard to express emotions at home. No huggie-shuggie father-daughter we are!

When we were kids, 10 o’ clock was the deadline for TV. So if Superhit Muqabla still had the no. 1 song to play, and it was 10 PM already, you know what Papa did? He used to pull the plug out of the main power point. Cruel, I’d say! They were going to play ‘Hum hain rahi pyaar ke’. But no rebuttal. You just went to sleep. Period.
(And I get a creepy feeling that being the Chhota R and being fond of discipline myself, I might just end up doing that to my kids. Hehe... But so what? They’ll turn out to be just as fine as me. Hee!) So yeah, a kind of an authoritarian environment at home while growing up but it’s all cool now. Poor Dad, doesn’t get to do much to his choice anymore. The rest of us force our tastes and wills upon him. We pick his shirts, we pick the restaurants to go to, and we decide that he needs something like surgery. Yeah, he’d kill to stay away from doctors. Horrid time that was!

So Pa, even though we don’t get you a cake every year like we do on Ma’s birthday, Bhaiya and I love you just the same. We’ve got a cake this year. We know you’ll be all awkward cutting it in the morning but chill. Have fun for a change. And have a very happy birthday!!! Too young to maybe say this...but God bless ya. :D


Unknown said...

Bada R should be very proud of Chhota R today. (forgive me for jumping on to the family language though!) Please convey my best wishes to him as well.

This is your best piece of writing to date. It is witty, it is personal, it is filled with all kinds of interesting details. And it struck such a chord with the reader, which is me, that I am going to make my Dad read it as well.
Lovely piece of work, keep it up.

~ Deeps ~ said...

best post on this far as i can remember......
happy birthday to Bada R :) (hope thats fine to say)

Anonymous said...

great post ...

Jayant said...

Lovely. Lovely post! I agree with these two, best post I've ever read on your blog. :) All the more for me because, our Dad has been away for more than 3 years now and y'know what, I feel our bond with him has only grown deeper in these times.

Coming to the post, I agree with your Dad, a slow moving fan is much more relaxing than a fast moving one.

And hey, I have two Js and Ms in my family as well. And it's similar, Dad is the other J. :)

A very Happy Birthaday to your Dad from my side.

Jayant said...


navi said...

amazing dad youve got!

That Girl said...

Amazing post. Beautiful. Remembering my dad and his funny silly adorable things.

The best ever, truly.

Love you for writing this.

MeMyself_n_I said...

that was beautiful. made me think about my dad, and realized i love him all the more for his idiosyncrasies, even though they annoy me a little sometimes.

lovely, lovely post.
and a very happy birtday to your dad.

Unknown said...

Btw, two Ss and As respectively in my family as well.

Anonymous said...

It made me so sentimental. Papa(s) are all very authoritative during our growing up years but when the lesson's taught the they let us do our own things our way..

very well written..
So, happy birthday to him. :)

R said...

Mannn, a really awesome post. Do make him read this!

Pass my regards to him. Wish him good health and a great year ahead.

And seriously, I loved reading this post. :)

RB said...

I'm glad you guys liked the post. Thanks a lot. And I shall convey your wishes to Dad.

That's so sweet of you. I hope he likes it too.

And A n S is goood. :)

It's perfectly fine. :)

That's good to know - the bond thing. I think it's realise the importance of a lot of things and people when they're not immediately available.

And should I ask my dad to adopt you? You guys will live happily in each other's company. :D

M and J. Not bad!! :-)

I know. :D

Yeah, dads usually have a lot of funny silly things that irritate you when they do them but are otherwise cute.
Thanks so much...

Yeah, idiosyncrasies! :-)

Glittering girl
I guess you're right. If not all, at least most of them ARE like that.

Since yesterday I must have thought of doing that 20 times but am just not able to. Weird, I know. But nahi ho raha.

Glad you liked reading the post though.

That Girl said...

Forgot to say the most important thing - happy b'day to you dad. Now isn't that just like me, forgetting the most imp thing of all.

RB said...

Yes yes, it's just like you. Like forgetting that paneer is processed by human beings! Totally like you! :P

That Girl said...

*blushing bright red*
I'll never be able to live THIS down.