Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What the Heck!

I will go back to being numb and blah another day. Today I have six types of desserts in my refrigerator, the radio is playing my all-time favourite songs one after the other, this is my 500th post on this blog, I have decided to chop off some more hair, I have also decided to make some effort to improve my signature, AND an oldie and I made each other very happy. So, here's something that ought to be here.

Three Rs that made me happy...
It took me very long to feel comfortable around him. But it has been great getting to know him. Like I have mentioned earlier, it has been incredible working with him. More than that, it used to be fun just taaaalking all the time. And the fact that we hated each other every morning because he liked being animated first thing in the morning and I could not stand noise and bullshit at that hour now makes it funny in retrospect.
"So jaaaaa, Robin!"

I cannot describe what a delight it is to have this boy around! The only encouragement during terrible losses at the badminton court (:P), the happiest hugs on campus, endless animated conversations (not in the mornings), a whole lot of positivity, and the best of smiles always came from him and never ever failed to make me happier.
"Teraaaa hone laga hoon!"

She has taken care of me and given me space in just the right amount at all times. She used to save me food (!), keep her door open for me through the night, willingly accompany me to the city for oddest things, fill me in with a lot of SIBM gossip, and took off from the last party of the batch just to give me company on the hilltop.

The two Ss without whom I felt my life was incomplete...

She was the brightness, the happiness, and the madness with whom I weaved a lot of unforgettable experiences.

In his company I never realised how I changed from being who I used to be to what I am today.


The six desserts: Homemade firni, ras malai, homemade gulab jamun, a plum cake, a creamy chocolate cake, and chocolates. :D :D


Jas B said...


Slurrrrrrrp @ six different kinds of desserts! Phirni, Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun...oh I am drooling like crazy now!

Robin said...

Dude the kind of reactions you used to give me in the mornings...like seriously!

You dont know how much i miss being around you & others...

And you were suppose to write about Andy Roddick & his......

I am happy that I am being called a sweet, but which one am I? The ras malai or the home made phirni???

Ok....my comment makes no sense....but what the heck, I am still gonna write it

Miss you Eeechaaaa!!!

PS: Cant be animated in the mornings anymore...feels so sad :-(

RB said...

Haha... aa jao, aapko sab khilate hain! :)

I told you this isn't about Roddick in spite the hotness. :D

And erm, I did not quite call you a sweet, but you can imagine yourself to be any of 'em. :O

You deserved those reactions. Subah subah pagal karta tha! Bledy!!

And well, what can I say. You should feel happy you have a job. :)

Dilli aaja jaldi se. Party karenge!!

swetha said...

the only part of the post i did not like was desserts mentioned. hum aa rahe hain khane.

RB said...

To aa jao. I forgot to mention kaju ki barfi and Vrindavan ke pede. :)

Ruhi said...

Itchaaaa.....god i miss you sooo much..! But of all the photos u cud hv used ! I hate this photo of mine! :P

My new number is 95 **** 36**....awesome na! u cant forget it ! muaaaah !

Ranjan Atreya said...

this is by far the sweetest thing ever man...it was a great two yrs :) and to think a presentation on Fickr could spawn a very good and hopefully looooong friendship

U d best dude

RB said...

Why, I think it's a damn nice photo!

Don't leave your number like this in a public space re. Ab dekh.. tere baad Ranjan aaya comment karne. What if he misused it? :P
Will call ya soon! Muah! :)

Awwww!!! :)
But I know! Never thought Flickr could lead to our friendship. Cheers to many more years of fun and happiness!! :)

Jas B said...


Subhadip said...

Can I invade your refrigerator?

RB said...

Kabhi bhi aa jao! Ab pastries bhi hain! :P

Amiya said...

This was such a great post! :) Happy happy.

RB said...

:) Thanks, Amiya.