Friday, September 03, 2010


I turned 24 today. It was the quietest birthday so far. It was slower than the 21st, which then seemed like the slowest it could get. I kept the tradition of crying in the 48-hour window before the birthday gets over. But it was birthday at home after three years, so I am not complaining.

This post, for a change, is not about what I did on my birthday. It is about the 25 things I want to do in the next one year. Let's begin!

1. Of course, get that job!

2. Get the knee fixed

3. Visit the Taj Mahal

4. Make one long trip to the Himalayas

5. Make another long trip to Rajasthan in the winters

6. Buy a car

7. Help Mom redo the house

8. Pick up a new hobby

9. Learn a new language, Spanish maybe

10. Catch one of Ustad Zakir Hussain's concerts

11. Find an occasion to wear that black dress

12. Burn up the past for good

13. Clear my debt

14. Actively participate in at least one initiative of Blank Noise's

15. Invest in silk, silver, and a lot of white! :D

16. Try quitting consumption of bread

17. Try about three different hairdos

18. Make the line clearer

19. Get a hot new frame for my spectacles too

20. Barring that dress, get rid of all black coloured things in my life

21. Cut down on unnecessary loyalties

22. Spend less time online

23. Start reading again

24. Take dance classes

25. Let it be.

This isn't very me. I do not generally like talking about the future like this. But I thought if there's so much that has been different this time, why not an uncharacteristic post! :-)


Jas B said...

Happy B'day! :)

I certainly share some of the things on your "to do list"! :)

Take care.

Subhadip said...

Get that Knee fixed if you have to do one thing out of the 25.

I want to learn a language too! And "one long trip to the Himalayas" ? This year, next year, every year of my remaining years :)

Shreya said...

You are not going to believe this...but I made a list this year on my bday too!!

Yet another time I'm reminded of our similarities. Specially since some of the points were the same :)

SS said...

#2: do it asap.

#5: Pushkar fair (Nov 13th - Nov 16 2010) chalna hai to batana :)

#15: I think, I just found my first customer...hehehhe. bas thoda sa intezaar karo :)

btw, you've inspired me to make my own list. bas list thodi aur lambi hogi :P (damn! I'll turn 32 next mth!!!)

SS said...

I love this pic of yours :)

RB said...

Thanks! :-)

Cool thing.. let's get on it one by one!!

Thanks, again. :)

I knoww! :-/

:-) This time you take me with you. Expert guide kaam aayega. :P

:-) Why am I not surprised.

2. Yep!

5. I like the idea. Mauka laga to zaroor! :)

15. Why not! Take your time, I'm here only! :)

Hehee... so what, longer the better! :)

And thaaank you! I love it too. :P

akshay said...

hmmm...leave 22 out..that's not happening

RB said...

It is a tough one. But I am going to try.