Saturday, April 03, 2010

Things you could only do on a residential campus

# Never bother about sourcing a software, movie, or a music album - LAN comes after GOD
# Eat off someone's plate without asking
# Scream until an insect gets scared and leaves the room
# Have metal, punjabi pop, and bollywood music play simultaneously within a distance of 50 metres
# Begin your last game of badminton for the day at 11:50 pm
# Go uninvited to someone's place at 2:30 am
# Immerse yourself in a multitude of opinions and hit the delete button 50 times in one night
# Borrow and lend clothes, shoes, bags, books, CDs, laptops, jewellery, and more knowing you can barge into the person's room and take it all back even if they do not return it on their own
# Food is not borrowed. You only beg for it.
# Have raw maggi with tastemaker
# Have maggi mixed with hot water, instead of cooking in it
# Watch movies a night before a test and faff through 90 minutes of exam time
# Never ever get tired of talking about food
# Stay awake for a total of 30 minutes between getting up from your bed and reaching your seat in class
# Witness 'relationships' which are null and void outside of campus since there are respective boyfriends/girlfriends living elsewhere in the world
# Have friends for family
# Get free makeovers
# Run off with someone's umbrella and not be labelled a thief
# Get thrills out of keeping your bathroom cleaner than others' (just a personal thing :P)
# Do retarded things round the clock and find company for mad imaginations at all times
# Do better with group studies even after a lifetime of quiet studying

You're welcome to add to this list. I am sure there are many more such exclusive things. :-)


Subhadip said...

Nice list :)

Wish you didn't murder the Maggi... I mean, raw maggi with tastemaker... criminal!

SS said...

I really like this post.
Reminded me of good old hostel days..:)

aur maine bhi raw maggi with tastemaker khoob khaayi hai...hehehe

RB said...


Can you imagine how criminal that situation must have been when I had to do that? And of course, not forgetting what happened to my stomach post that.

Haha! Thank you. I knew I could not have been alone in doing that.
Sun rahe ho, Subhadip?

Me said...

eat raw smoodles..tastes awesome..put tastemaker in water.boil it well pour it into ur dish and then put raw maggi :)

RB said...

Ha! :)

Puneet said...

aahh.. there were like a thousand more things that came to mind thinking of my hostel experiences.. but I guess you took care of all of them with htis :
"# Do retarded things round the clock and find company for mad imaginations at all times"

GOD I wish college education was longer :(

RB said...