Friday, May 25, 2012

Yoga Mornings

I did this today! 

When asked to do it, I was at zero confidence level and looked at my instructor in shock. I had a smile that I know asked him how he expected me to do it. He plainly told me to do it and that I can. I started. It was tough. I could not lift my head even an inch off the ground. He helped a little. He motivated a little. And there I was! Such a bloody rush!! Saw the inverted trees and the sun through them. I was beaming after that. Still am.

Yes, small things can be a big deal. For me, always are!  


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P. said...

Ki fun! I'm very proud :)

Shreya said...

I'm happy for you. Really. But right now I'm just finding that cartoon way too cute.

RB said...

Why thank you! :D

Hahaa... it is cute!