Thursday, February 23, 2012

Every Day

I am happy. I am anxious. I am at peace. I am irritable. I care. I ignore. I slog. I procrastinate. I smile. I snap. I aspire. I submit. I worry. I have faith. I blabber. I withdraw. Every day.

I have been floating. Drifting along, slightly unsure, mostly comfortable; in a self-created, small, protected universe. Every day.

Life overwhelms me on sleepy nights. The sun gives me energy to walk with my head high. People force me to learn lessons from their mistakes. This heart, it flutters without reason, without notice. Handling it is a demanding, full-time job. I have one other demanding, full-time job too. As of today, they consume all my time. And as of today, nothing else deserves my time either. 

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