Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Fairy Tale Girl

I do not think I have acknowledged her presence in my life as it is deserved. She struggles with a lot of things that let her down, but is one person who has been very true to the friendship she and I share. I cannot claim to have done so, and I know she is aware of that too. She chooses to ignore. She chooses to be nice. She is important. 

It was always fun to hang out with her, is very dependable too, but she never crossed over for some reason. Surprisingly, in the last few months, I realised it was never too difficult. I guess it just needed time. 

She notices me when I feel I am lost. She pampers me when nobody else cares. She has adjusted to my awkward ways rather well. She hugs me every day even though I rarely return the gesture. She is the only one who thinks I am 'hot'. She is the only one who thinks I am a good photographer. She herself has clicked some of my best photographs. She is the only one who finds all my stupidities endearing. 

She is loud. She talks about potty. She likes Sex and the City. She loves vampires. She loves black. She knows how to wear make-up. She loves saying 'awww'. She loves the RAIN! A 'type' very easy for me to feel, ahem!, otherwise for. But it's Priyam. Not a type. 

She is always the one behind the lens. She quietly absorbs. She is the giver. She worships her parents. She does not let go. 

From addressing me as 'Bhardwaj', she has now moved to 'Doggu'. Rather drastic. But I know I would not have let anyone else call me that. There are very few things that I have a clear image of in my head. There are very few things that I am sure about. One of them is how I want her future to pan out. From where I am, I wish well. 


swetha said...

I would have died to be talked about like that :) Pishi way to go.
BTW Richa tum bhool gayin, I also find you 'hot'. Hunh !

Akshay said...

Bloody Unfair!
I think you'r hot too man. With the spectacles you look KILLER!

In protest!

Yours truly,
Pnjabbi Boy

P. said...

I've been speechless since I read this, this morning.

I'm very blessed to have a few like you in my life and no matter what happens, I'd love to be around, supply you with junk food, take stunning pictures of the 'hot' you, give you a hug in the mornings and research for more scuba sites!

Although I might not say it as often as I should - onek love for you Doggggu! :)

smita joshi said...

Excuse me, but I also think you are hot!
And I also like Priyam very much!

RB said...

Yaar tumhara hot thoda sa risky tha. ;)

Well, you've said that now. Thank you. :)

Bhai don't supply me with more junk food. Halat kharaab hai.
Stunning pictures, yes, yes - in dire need of a new picture for Facebook.

And here goes your html heart - <3

Well, thank you. :)